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Description of the school


Would you like to learn Italian in Italy? Our school is the solution! The Italian language school LINGUA IT is located in Volpini-Jenna Palace, an ancient noble Renaissance building which was renovated around the middle of the eighteenth century.

For many it is considered one of the most beautiful buildings in Verona's historical centre with its great arching front door, majestic entrance lined with Doric columns and elegant courtyard decorated with statues of female allegories.

The interior of the school was renovated in order to offer students an inviting environment that is at once modern and functional whilst remaining welcoming and comfortable for learning.

The classrooms where we hold our Italian classes are characterized by a minimalist style and are spacious and bright, creating the perfect tranquil atmosphere that is conducive to study.

Our aim is to provide students with Italian lessons and courses that meet their specific requirements, offering the highest possible quality in an ambient that is comfortable and quiet.

In addition, our students can benefit from our varied services and educational facilities to study Italian in even greater detail.  

Where we are

The school is located in the historical centre of Verona just a short stroll from Piazza delle Erbe, one of the town's most beautiful piazzas which was once the home of the ancient Roman Forum. Located in the absolute heart of the city, amidst prestigious shops and modern cafés, LINGUA IT is close to all services and is easily reached by public transport.

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  • By Foot: The school is a few metres from Piazza Erbe.
  • By Bus: From the Verona Porta Nuova train station, take Bus 21, 22, 24. Timetables and maps of the Verona bus routes are available from: www.amt.it
  • By Car: Exit the autostrada at the VERONA SUD sign. Parking: Parking Cittadella, Piazza Cittadella 4, Tel: 045-595-593. Parking Arena, Via Bentegodi, Tel: 045-800-9333.  Parking Saba Arsenale, Piazza Arsenale 8, Tel: 045 830 3460
  • By Taxi: Radiotaxi (continuous, 24-hour a day, taxi service) Tel: 045-532-666.
  • By Train: Stazione di Verona Porta Nuova.
  • By Plane: Aeroporto Valerio Catullo: www.aeroportoverona.it

 how to get to LinguaIt 

LINGUA IT - Centro di cultura italiana
Via F. Emilei, Verona, Italy

PHONE:   + 39 045-597-975     + 39 333-366-54-61


Students Facilities

LINGUA IT Italian language school is fully-equipped with all the necessary structures and facilities to help you study and learn the Italian language. A learning space where you can read, study and speak and a meeting place where students can take a break or absorb themselves in the Italian language and culture.

CLASSROOMS: All the classrooms at LINGUA IT have been carefully designed to create an optimum and comfortable learning environment for students. Well-equipped and full of light, each classroom is fitted with modern and stylish furnishings that contribute to a quiet and intimate ambience, perfect for learning, studying and discussion. All classrooms are air-conditioned in the summer and centrally heated in the winter.

STUDENT COMMON ROOM: Students at LINGUA IT have permanent access to a dedicated common room, a relaxing meeting place where they can take a break and drink a coffee, talk with other students and teachers, play a language-focused game or read one of the many of the books, newspapers or magazines available from the library. The common room, equipped with a video projector, home theatre and stereo system, is also frequently used to accommodate seminars, meetings, conferences, film screenings and special events.

INTERNET: The entire institute is also covered by a wireless internet network for those students travelling with portable computers.

LIBRARY: A comprehensive library is at the disposal of students who would like to consult or borrow one of the many books, newspapers and magazines available: classical literature and contemporary novels, references books on Italy and Italian art, volumes dedicated to history, cinema, fashion and culture, as well as a wide collection of publications devoted to travel and tourism in Verona, greater Italy and Europe.

FILM LIBRARY: Students have access to an extensive library of films that have played a significant role in the history of Italian cinema. The relaxing and entertaining experience of watching films not only enriches students' appreciation of Italian culture but also helps to exercise language comprehension skills. Students can make autonomous use of the home theatre facility and are also welcome to borrow films overnight, free of charge.

GAMES LIBRARY: Understanding both the need for relaxation and the importance of personal interaction when trying to learn a new language, the staff at LINGUA IT have assembled a selection of board games, didactic games and learning aids that aim to promote communication skills and interaction between students of all levels.

KITCHEN: LINGUA EAT is a cozy and well-equipped kitchen inside LINGUA IT to learn how to speak and to eat Italian.


The Staff of LinguaIt

All the teachers at LINGUA IT school are mother-tongue Italian speakers specially trained to teach Italian to foreign students. With years of practical experience behind them, the educators at the institute boast an enviable level of didactic competency and are all specialists in addressing the difficulties that are particular to learning a secondary language.

Each of the teaching staff speaks more than one language and each also holds a university degree in The Humanities which collectively cover the visual arts, ancient and modern history, classic and contemporary Italian literature, film and theatre studies. The staff at LINGUA IT understand how personal the learning process is (particularly when trying to master a new language) and are attentive and sensitive to the differing needs of various levels as well as the specialised needs of individual students.



Laura       Andrea             Anna                  Alberta                       CLEA                      Alejandra           Alessia       

            Enrico            Ornella      Marianna 

Veronika           VALENTINA




SECRETARY:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Secretary's office is open Monday to Friday:

8.45 - 13.30  (outside office hours by appointment only)

The secretary of LINGUA IT is readily available to assist you in any matters pertaining to the school and our courses in particular, or Verona and Italy in general. For questions regarding student visa applications, accommodation, public transport, health care, recreational and cultural events or any general query regarding daily life in Verona, please do not hesitate to contact us and will do our best to furnish you with all the relevant information.


Students at LinguaIt

Students of every nationality enrol in our courses at LINGUA IT. Their ages range from 16 to 70 years and their motives for studying Italian are many and varied. While many of those who attend our institute come here to improve their Italian for academic or business purposes, the majority of our students are tourists, couples, families, singles, retirees or housewives who are spurred by a simple passion for all things Italian.

From the wonders of Italian art to our cuisine and traditions, students come here to immerse themselves not only in the language of Italy but also in its rich and profound culture.  The mix of people, nationalities, traditions and motivations for study renders the experience at LINGUA IT truly unforgettable, a place where the Italian language serves as thread for becoming more familiar not only with Italy but with all the world and its cultures.

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