11 September 2019

Learn Italian in Italy

Lingua IT

Why study Italian in Italy?

Studying Italian in Italy offers the opportunity of speaking and listening to the Italian language in a constant and continuous manner, while also allowing students to submerge themselves in the cultural and linguistic diversity of Italy.

To help accomplish these goals, LINGUA IT in Verona offers a range of Italian language courses and lessons at a variety of linguistic levels, each course defined by its employment of the most up-to-date teaching methods.

Our Italian language courses offer students the opportunity to learn the Italian language in Italy in a relaxed atmosphere that facilitates both learning and conversation.

In addition, all coursework is complemented by a variety of art and Italian culture courses ranging from fun interactive laboratories to local guided tours of the city as well as itineraries that take students beyond Verona to discover greater Italy and its inherent treasures.

Choosing to study Italian in Italy gives you the chance to attend classes of a high standard, opening the doors to the language, culture and artistic beauty that Italy has to offer.

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