Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about Lingua IT’s courses, school and much more…

All students should start their course on the date specified on the calendar. If this is not possible, and you are not a beginner, you can start on any Monday. If you are taking private lessons, you can start whenever you want.

For culture or more specific courses, you can start whenever you want.

Lessons, including on the first day of the course, start at 9.00.

Students who are not beginners need to take a written test and speaking test with a teacher to see which level would best suit their knowledge of Italian and so they can be placed in a class with students of similar abilities.

Only your personal things and a pen, the school will take care of the rest!

The first day of the course. Remember that you can pay in cash or with a VISA or MASTERCARD.

It depends on which option you have chosen. The reception can give you more information when you enrol.

Yes, but please talk to the reception rather than the owner of the property at least one week in advance.

No, these will be supplied.

Yes, except from the telephone.

Yes, but only for the sheets and towels. For your clothes, if you live with your family, you can use the washing machine in the house. If there is no washing machine in your apartment, you can go to a launderette and do your laundry.

Electricity in Italy works at 220 Volts. To use any electrical appliance you just need an adapter that you can find in any appliance store.

Public telephones in Italy work with telephone cards that can be bought in tobacconists or bars. All phones are enabled to make international calls.

Usually 10-15% service is already included in the restaurant bill, but the waiter will be happy to get a small tip.

1 January (New Year), 6 January (Epiphany), a Sunday in March or April (Easter), the Monday after Easter, 25 April (Liberation), 1 May (Labor Day), 2 June (Republic Day), 15 August (Ferragosto), November 1 (All Saints), December 8 (Immaculate), December 25 (Christmas), December 26 (St. Stephen).

No, they are considered national holidays, therefore the school will not make up or refund these days.



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